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The best mental performance drink in the world?

When we first conceptualized Clutch, we had no idea this worldwide rise in demand for brain nutrition was about to happen. We just knew we had an awesome concept and the skills to realise it, regardless of whether the world was ready or not. As it turns out, creating the best mental performance drink in the world is quite a long process, so we are only just now looking to launch our product. Fortunately for us, it seems to be just the right time …

Did scientists invent the drinks you consume today?
As a scientist and product developer in the food industry for many years, I can conclude that the “Clutch way” is not the usual way of creating products –not even functional ones. It is not too surprising when you think about it though. How many scientists, doctors or similar work at the typical beverage producer? Probably none. However, most have several of product formulators who are great at making tasty fizzy drinks. They work with flavors, stabilizers, colors etc. and not with clinical studies or scientific evidence. So like the budding businessman, who has read the trend forecast, and is hungry to make big bucks, big corporates will surely be aiming to tap into the rising demand for nootropics and mental performance drinks. However, regardless of how well you read the market or make sodas / energy drinks today, that in itself does not qualify for making science-proven nootropic products of tomorrow.

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So what do the others do when they want to capitalize on a rising trend of nootropics and mental performance drinks?
Well, you fast-track and visit one of those one-stop ingredient distributors who has all the common ingredients on stock, and ask them what they have filed under “nootropics”. They will look through their hashtags, and hand you a mix of common ingredients (all of which are likely sourced at a very competitive price from China) that they think would probably fit the bill. And voila, you are well off to add your own personal flavor to the mix and join the race for the courtship of the nootropics hungry (or thirsty) consumer.

Clutch is in a league of its own, and we truly believe that we have created the best mental performance drink in the world!
Our product was created purely out of passion for health, nutrition and biohacking. The company was founded entirely by experienced scientists, who spent years on research. The majority of the time was spent digging deeper and deeper into the clinical evidence behind the most promising and potent ingredients from all around the world, only the best of which were selected for our product. This is the central pillar in the development of Clutch, and the very thing that makes our drink unique, patentable, and stand out.

Take a look at the difference between “the usual way” and “the Clutch way” in the comparison slider below:

(- something to consider when you try one of our science-based products for the brain)

nootropics_the_usual_way nootropics_the_clutch_way
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