Our promise


As a startup, we deploy CSR and sustainability in our value chain, already from the very beginning. Therefore, we recognize the importance of developing its operations under the highest standards of sustainability and ethical business practice.


Our vision statement says: We want to make the world smarter and healthier – and we believe that we can change people’s drinking habits for the better, and for that very reason we invented the plant-powered drink for brains. Besides being nutritious and great for the well-being of people worldwide, Clutch Cognition ApS works towards being a responsible company that makes the world better in other areas outside nutrition-related physical and mental health. We based our product on plants entirely, and we use no artificial chemicals in our products so that there is no adverse impact on human health and the environment in connection with our production or product.


On our road towards the highest level of social responsibility we are contributing to 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nation as seen below:



Clutch Cognition is contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

(UN SDGs: Read more here)


 SDG 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


At Clutch Cognition we see it as a priority to increase our positive impact on the general health and well-being of the people around us – both close and far. We consider this to be an integral part of our business. Our vision was based on creating a drink, filled only with high-quality and nutritious ingredients.


Our vision is to create a healthier and smarter world. By offering educational content in our Knowledge Hub and products formulated with the best clinically backed ingredients on the market we are one step closer.




SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation


At Clutch Cognition we want to minimize our negative impact on water supply and sanitation opportunities. We do so by actively choosing suppliers that work to decrease water consumption in their sourcing of their products.


As our ingredients are plant based, it is important for us that the produce is grown sustainably and with preventative focus on aspects such as over fertilization and soil erosion. Our suppliers are actively decreasing water consumption and pollution in their production.


One example of the great work our suppliers do, is our supplier BENEO. They work closely with their contract farmers to manage the long-term health of their soil. They aim to prevent over fertilization or soil exploitation and soil erosion. They have turned the water reservoirs at 2 out of 4 of BENEO’s production plants into bird sanctuaries, to aid biodiversity.


Another example is our supplier IFF (IFF Health), who has made significant reductions in their water Footprint. In 2020, they reduced their legacy IFF water intensity by 1.38% from the prior year. This is a total reduction in water use intensity of 67.09% since 2010. They continuously work to improve their environmental footprint. acked ingredients on the market we are one step closer.




SDG 8 – Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all


At Clutch Cognition we want to give everyone a fair chance to have a meaningful career. We see it as a priority to engage with local projects and programs to help students and newly graduates gain valuable practical experience.


We have previously been engaged with local students from the humanities, to help us with implementing sustainability for stakeholders and in our supply chain. We have further been involved in a program aimed at helping newly graduated academics gain work experience.


We expect to participate in similar projects in the future and we hope we can set an example with our business partners to have similar practices as ourselves.


Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we make a conscious effort to support the local entrepreneurial community and contribute whenever it is meaningful.




SDG 12 – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


At Clutch Cognition we have high expectations and requirements for our suppliers. The most important of these is sustainability in the sourcing of our ingredients. We only work with suppliers that have sustainably sourced products, and ambitious CSR-policies just as we aspire to do ourselves. It is important for us, that they work with the same level of transparency in their supply chain as we do.


The products we source from the above-mentioned suppliers are strictly plant-based and we order very exact amounts from them so that we can ensure reasonable production. In addition to this, we are aiming to have a limited production so that we are certain that our production is not wasteful.





We use aluminum cans as they are the most sustainable packaging solution for our products. Metal is a natural so called “permanent material” which means its properties do not change when you recycle it. Aluminum cans are therefore recyclable forever. Making the aluminum can an obvious choice in a circular economy business model. Due to its recycling properties, the low weight, excellent cooling capabilities, and high stackability for transport purposes, we are able to cut down future emissions significantly compared to other packaging solutions available on the market today.


We are a member of the organisation Metal Recycles Forever™ that aims to inform and help consumers better understand the key role they have to play in keeping metal in the material loop by recycling their empty packaging.




   Recycling is on the rise …



Recycled aluminum
cans in the EU:

Source: Dansk Retursystem


Of all metal ever produced,
still in use:

Source: Ardagh Group


Recycled bottles
and cans, Denmark 2020:

Source: Dansk Retursystem





  Material-to-material loop, facts:


According to metalpackagingeurope.org a recycled aluminum can, can be brought back to the shelf within only 60 days.


According to Dansk Retursystem it takes 95% more energy to manufacture new aluminum than melting existing aluminium and converting it into new materials. So please always remember to deposit and recycle your empty cans.


According to Ardagh Group cans have the highest scrap value out of all materials, and cans are the most recycled material in the world.




At Clutch Cognition, we pride ourselves on having only the best and thoroughly tested ingredients in our plant-powered brain drink. We seek to work with only best-in-business suppliers that provide carefully selected and clinically researched ingredients.



On the account of the scarcity in today’s societies, and the need for sustainability in our own value chain, we commit ourselves to only working with suppliers that have ambitious CSR policies and source their ingredients in the most sustainable way possible taking into account that we are operating with state-of-the-art nutrition that aims to promote overall health and wellbeing of people globally.


We work with SIBELIUS Natural Products™, IFF Health, Taiyo GMBH, and Beneo because they are transparent about the sourcing of products, and they care about sustainability in their respective businesses. Thus, we can proudly state that we commit ourselves to work in close cooperation with our suppliers to expand, improve and employ sustainability across Clutch Cognition ApS and our supply chain.


Environment, sustainability, and traceability have been focal points for the creation of Clutch Cognition and will remain high on the agenda. Our products are plant-based, and we focus on our ingredients being traceable and sourced from trusted suppliers that have a sustainable business model.




We love our local community which is why we are committed to supporting it . Every year we will find and support local initiatives, clubs, and associations.


Aarhus, Denmark


As an example we will be supporting local initiatives like esports organisations. Far too often we see esport, poor nutrition, and energy drinks being intertwined. The quick fix of energy drinks might have a quick temporary boost but comes with many downsides. We commit ourselves to educate esport athletes, and gamers about better nutritious habits while practicing esport.


Further, through our voice online (e.g. our social media channels) we will be doing our utmost to inspire the general public towards using nutrition to their own benefit. This will not necessarily be tied to our own products, but rather be a general bridge between new scientific discoveries (from clinical studies on nutraceuticals and nutrition) and the average consumer who has poor chances of knowing or deciphering these. We will take it upon us to try to equip everyone with nutritional knowledge that can upgrade their every day. We believe nutritional biohacking is the future, and we believe biohacking is for everyone!



To secure the continued improvement of sustainability and CSR at Clutch Cognition, it is of the biggest importance to commit ourselves to revise and review how we are working and what we are working for.




  This policy will be revised at least once a year to help secure transparency and sustainability at Clutch Cognition.