Ingredients with a purpose

Ingredients with a purpose

Can food ingredients have a PURPOSE?

Sure, you say, their purpose is to be sold and make money for the producer. Well that’s not purpose in my book.

I am talking about ingredients that have a story, ingredients who’s discovery was so significant it laid the foundation for a whole company or a worldwide patent or both for that matter. Brand new discoveries, either diligently created through years of research by scientist with a passion for biofunctionality (rather than money) or conversely, random discoveries that just happened yet turned out profound in nature. Like the discovery of penicillin… yeah yeah, less profound discoveries can do as well, calm down 😊

I am talking about the exact opposite of “me-too” products. The opposite of products created from the idea that “we can probably make something similar but cheaper”, which according to the label may be outright identical. If it’s the same on paper it’s the same in real life, right? Negative. Period.

There are so many ways that things can appear similar or identical yet be completely different and vary both in purpose, quality and ultimately in value.

Real life examples of bad vs. “gem quality “ingredients (actual unedited images). Both of them says the same on the label “cherry tart”, but the taste, color, structure, and quality is completely different with a clear winner to the right.

I love working with ingredients with a purpose. Not that I make them, but I see it as sort of a calling to gather the best of these and turn them into PRODUCTS with a PURPOSE. Perhaps it’s obvious, but it’s hard to make creations that serve a purpose without building blocks that does the same. In a way this can be used to describe the whole idea behind Clutch… The idea is not to be the cheapest. It’s not to have the widest product portfolio. It’s not to look at the current market and draw “inspiration” from existing products. It is not about being the quickest to market. Rather it is to offer the most purposeful products with the most purposefully selected ingredients.


It’s a difficult undertaking, because few consumers will realize the difference between a gem of an ingredient, employed for the right occasion and dosed in the right amount vs something that may appear similar but ultimately serve a much different “purpose”. [ingredient X] on the product label spells out exactly the same regardless of whether it’s a gem or a cheap knock-off version. But we do what we do anyways because these awesome ingredients deserve to be used, and they deserve to be used properly. And, importantly, consumers deserve benefit from them. But first and foremost, we do it because identifying, dissecting and combining these purposeful ingredients is our real passion.


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