Frequently asked questions

Is Clutch an energy drink?

No, Clutch is a plant-powered drink for brains – NOT an energy drink. Clutch is not based on caffeine or any of the other common ingredients from energy drinks (i.e. taurine, table sugar and/or artificial sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame K.). Clutch is a completely different concept based on active plant extracts, so the nutritional quality and effect is completely different.


We like to refer to a Clutch as having an acute long-term effect of up to 4-6 hours with no backlash effect contrary to many other chemical substances you may find in both vitamin drinks and energy drinks.

Is there really no caffeine in it? It contains green tea extract…

Right, but green tea extract can mean lots of different things. Same goes for all other plant extracts. We have taken great care in picking all the ingredients we use, and we found a brilliant green tea extract that has been purified from caffeine. However, you are absolutely right in assuming that when a product contains tea extract it ALMOST always contains caffeine.

Why is there no caffeine in Clutch?

While having certain positive effects, caffeine also has many negative effects, so we didn’t feel it fit our concept. Disabling the adenosine receptors in your brain, so you don’t feel tired for a short while (despite the fact that your body thinks you are), is not really what our brain drink concept is about. That is more of a long-term, holistic and more advanced approach to nutritional performance optimization.

When are you launching?

As soon as we have a launch date set we are going to update all the people on our mailing list.