Frequently asked questions

Is Clutch an energy drink?

No, Clutch is a healthy beverage for brains – NOT an energy drink. Clutch is not based on caffeine or any of the other common ingredients and stimulants you may know from energy drinks (i.e. caffeine, taurine, table sugar and/or artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and acesulfame K.). Clutch is a completely different concept based on active plant extracts, so the nutritional quality and effect is completely different. Remember, unlike most other beverages on the market Clutch count as an invention and is currently having the status of “patent-pending”.


We like to refer to a Clutch as having an acute long-term effect of up to 4-6 hours with no backlash effect contrary to many other substances you may find in vitamin drinks, energy drinks etc.

I live in Denmark - where can I try a single Clutch?

Take a look here: Where to buy

Is there really no caffeine in it? It contains green tea extract…

Right, but green tea extract can mean lots of different things. Same goes for all other plant extracts. We have taken great care in picking all the ingredients we use, and we found a brilliant green tea extract that has been purified from caffeine. However, you are absolutely right in assuming that when a product contains tea extract it ALMOST always contains caffeine.

Why did you choose to leave out the natural caffeine in a Clutch?

While having certain positive effects, caffeine also has many negative effects, so we didn’t feel it fit our concept. Disabling the adenosine receptors in your brain, so you don’t feel tired for a short while (despite the fact that your body thinks you are), is not really what our brain concept is about. We are focusing on promoting health wherever possible which is why we chose a long-term, holistic and more advanced approach to nutritional performance optimization.

Clutch contains green oat-extracts does that mean it is gluten free?

In short: a big YES!

To dive further into the details: Celiac disease is a digestive and autoimmune disorder that can damage the small intestines when a person with the disease eat or drink gluten-containing diets.

Gluten is found in a huge range of ordinary foods especially those containing cereals like wheat, rye and barley. Clutch doesn’t contain any of the above mentioned cereals, but it does contain green oat. Oats are per definition gluten-free, however, many times oats are cross-contaminated with gluten particles by harvesting equipment, the neighbouring fields or from the processing facilities that may handle a range of cereals.

“Gluten-free” claim = <20 ppm
Everything below “20 ppm” is according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) the amount that has been deemed safe by celiac disease experts for most people living with the genetic autoimmune disease.

In a Clutch the green oat extract represents approx. 0,013 ppmor in other words 1538 times lower than the safety limit set by the European Food Safety Authority. 

What does it taste like?

While everyone has their own unique taste perception, there is a phrase that frequently pops up when we are sampling our products. People generally think is tastes like a sparkling and sweetened tea with flavours. To most people it tastes less sweet than many soft drinks available on the market today, which is due to the nature of our unique recipe, that is based on a completely different philosophy than trying to make a liquid dessert. So don’t expect a gummy bear drink.

Is there an ideal time to drink Clutch?

We recommend drinking it 30 minutes before you need the full effect. We created the drink for all the situations where you need to be sharp and ready and to reap all the benefits from the botanical extracts and vitamins, it is best to give it a little time for it to work.  

How do you feel about sustainability?

We are glad you asked! We continuously work towards being a responsible and sustainable company, through our entire value chain. On the Our Promise page, we go into depth about our commitments, our initiatives and how we go about creating a healthier and smarter world – the sustainable way. 

What am I drinking?

You are drinking pure biotech 😉 All the ingredients in the drink have been carefully selected, by our team of scientists, for their beneficial and good-for-you properties. You can read all about the individual ingredients and what they do on our Ingredients page. If you have any questions about them, we are more than happy to answer them – hit us up in the chat! 

What if I have a question, I couldn’t find the answer for here?

We are always happy to answer your questions! If you want to know how many Clutches we drink in the office, have a chat about biohacking or maybe you want to learn all about why we chose the specific ingredients that we have. Send us an e-mail, talk to us in the chat or use the Contact formular and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

I am an influencer, do you want to collab?

We are always looking for new Mind Influencers and Brain Ambassadors to help us spread the word. If you want to be a part of our goal to facilitate a happier, healthier and less stressfull life, send an e-mail to brain@clutchcognition.com to start the conversation. 

How do I get the FULL effect of Clutch?

We have put clinical doses of all the ingredients in every single can. This means that you will get the effect, shortly after drinking it! However, if you really want to go all out and get full steam, we recommend drinking two cans ✌️ The effect will last for up to 5 hours.

Clutch contains science backed botanical ingredients, a high source of dietary fiber, and vitamin C that supports psychological functions and contribute to the normal function of the immune system, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue & vitamin B5 that contributes to mental performance, synthesis and metabolism of certain neurotransmitters, and support the energy-yielding metabolism. Consumption of drinks containing isomaltulose (Palatinose™) instead of other sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise after consumption compared to drinks with other sugars.